Kourtney loves the joy and freedom that arises from the merging of movement, breath, rhythm and flow.

Kourtney Kaas brings 10 years of yoga practice, 20 years of dance and movement theatre, Alexander Technique and Reiki training to her teaching. These skills combined with a passion for yoga and her joyful freedom of movement meet in a practice that allows students to tap into strength, flexibility and physical alignment in a playful way and encourages exploration of breath, relaxation and meditation.

She strongly believes that a consistent yoga practice will, in time, influence every aspect of one's life - uniting body, mind and spirit. Kourtney also teaches at Equinox Fitness and Active Fitness as well as teaching privately and in corporate settings. Originally from Minnesota, she holds a BFA in Theatre and Dance from the University of Minnesota and an MFA in Acting from UCLA.

email Kourtney at kourtney@yogahop.com

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